George Cambero
Water Production Professional


I am a retired Water Production Supervisor from EVMWD with OVER 37 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in Water Resources and Management.

I currently own my own business as a Water Resources Professional, maintaining small water systems in the most cost effective and efficient manner for ratepayers for the Greater Los Angeles area.

As ratepayers and customers we continue to hear the word DROUGHT but continue to approve housing projects with no guarantee that water can be provided for the next 20 years. I know the history of water connections and our water rights and I am concerned. If the drought continues as reported in the news, there will need to be safeguards and proven guarantees for current ratepayers. I will focus the attention to water resources that are not currently being utilized efficiently.

With our water resources continuing to be a challenge throughout California, we need to develop a Regional Recycled Water Master Plan, to assure that we will have water today and into the future.

I will seek cuts in areas of wasteful spending before EVER voting on another increase.

My lifelong work experience at EVMWD has provided me with the insight to succeed as your Director. I know where the water is and what we need to do to create a Ground Water Supply Master Plan for today and into the future.

I promise to:

  • Practice Fiscal Responsibility
  • Uphold the Duties of the Mission Statement
  • Remain Accountable to the Ratepayers
  • Keep Communications Open

I am committed to representing the best interest of those
I serve.

I would be honored to serve as your representative for Division 3 Director of EVMWD. I ask for your vote November 4th.

For more information on George Cambero please e-mail or call (951) 285-9789.

Updated 9-15-2014